Five Stages Of Inebriation, ca.1863-1868 / Photographer Charles Percy Pickering

Stage 1: The Sober Stage

Stage 2: The Buzz

Stage 3: The Party Stage

Stage 4: The Downfall

Stage 5: Regret

Dated from period of Pickering’s location at 612 George Street
The photographs illustrate drunkenness in five stages, played by a male subject in a studio. Possibly commissioned by a local temperance group for educative purposes, the photographs may also have been used by an engraver for illustrations. The penultimate frame of the drunk in a wheelbarrow resembles S.T. Gill’s watercolour ‘Ease without Opulence’, 1863 (PXC 284/30). In 1866, NSW Premier James Martin introduced the Drunkard’s Punishment Bill — notes by Curator of Photographs, 2007. The printed studio mark on reverse reads “Photographic Artist. C. Pickering, 612 George Street, near Wilshire’s Buildings, Sydney”

Charles Percy Pickering / Via Flickr: statelibraryofnsw

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Richard Dobson is actually surprisingly good. Best new find in a while.



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