James Warren

Lux Perpetua 

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Ezra Stoller: TWA Terminal at Idlewild (now JFK) Airport by Eero Saarinen, New York, N.Y., 1962

Roger Corbeau (1908-1995)
Bruce Dern in “Folies bourgeoises”, Claude Chabrol, France/Germany, 1976

Hans Baumgartner. Portrait.

Photo of an Oirat shaman from 1929

Emptiness echoes into the abyss. Even the wind denies me sorrow. I have become someone in some other place at another time. The shallow voice in the shadow of night is my own. Where have you gone? What might I touch to find you? Shams, who wrested your life from mine? The mule of sorrow marches stubbornly. Do not pull me so! My steps are weighted and I wander in circles. I am the hub of a wheel revolving in longing, with hope as my destination. Is he in Damascus? Does his blood stain the sands? Belighted One of Wonderment, is this the lot of fairness? The flame of our fire no longer burns in my hands. I require nothing, nothing but my friend. Heavenly Star of all that loves, where is Shams? 

Trumpeter and Singer Chet Baker in Studio, 1950’s.

William E. Irwin     Gertrude Three Finger, Cheyenne, Oklahoma     c.1893

Jon Lewis. Sasak girl at dawn, 1986